Customer Cancellations

Please note that Loop Hires does not offer refunds for cancelled orders. You may cancel your rental order under certain conditions outlined below:

i. Cancellation requests received fourteen (14) or more days prior to your booking start date will not incur cancellation fees. You will be entitled to receive a credit note* for the full amount paid, including postage (if applicable).

ii. For cancellation requests received less than fourteen (14) days before your booking start date, a small cancellation fee of $30 will apply. You will still be eligible for a credit note* for the remaining amount.

iii. Unfortunately, cancellation requests received seven (7) or fewer days prior to your booking start date will not be eligible for a credit note or a refund.

*Credit notes due to cancellations are valid for 6 months and will expire if not utilised within that period. Once the credit note is used to make a new hire booking with Loop Hires, the transaction is final and cannot be changed or cancelled for another credit note. 

Our credit notes can be applied towards renting or purchasing any items available on Loop Hires.

For any cancellation requests or further assistance, please reach out to us at

Cancellations by Loop Hires

Loop Hires reserves the right to cancel your booking for any of the following reasons. In such cases, your compensation will be limited to the amount you originally paid for the booking. Please note that Loop Hires will not be held accountable for any subsequent damages resulting from the cancellation.

Possible reasons for Loop Hires to cancel your booking include, but are not restricted to:

  • The item being damaged by a customer who rented it before you.
  • The item being lost or stolen by a customer who rented it before you.
  • It is determined that delivering the item to you within the scheduled timeframe is not feasible, whether due to a customer's late return or other factors, such as unforeseen delays in the postal network.

In all of the above situations, you will be eligible for a full refund back to your original payment method.


Bookings from All The Dresses Rental Platform

If your booking was placed through All The Dresses, a dress hire marketplace we partner with, the terms agreed on their website when you checked out will apply. You should check your order confirmation email or visit their website for terms & conditions rather than reading the terms on this page.