Do you have a designer garment that you’ve only worn once and is now sitting in the back of your wardrobe? Consign it with us and get paid everytime it gets rented out, without the stress of managing the renting process yourself.

How it works:

We accept a range of dresses/garments of all sizes in either new or excellent condition. Your consigned garment will be kept in our studio for an agreed period of time to be rented out on your behalf. Please ensure your garments are sent to us cleaned. If the garment you wish to consign do not meet these standards or isn't a style that would likely resonate with our customer base, we may decline its consignment. 

Our consignment agreement is for periods of 3 months at a time. During which your garments will be listed on our website, our Instagram page and other platforms we hire on (Facebook etc) to ensure full visibility. At the end of the 3 month period, we will review if the consignment period should be extended for another 3 months or have your garment returned to you.

As a consigner, you will earn 50% of the rental price after shipping and cleaning costs. For each garment that you rent, you will be sent a bank transfer of the funds you are owed at the end of each month. 

You must not list your garment anywhere else for sale or rent while consigning with Loop Vault/Hires Australia.

If you are interested in consigning a garment, send us an email at

and include the following details:

a) Brand and style name of garment

b) RRP or original receipt of garment (rental price will be determined by the RRP)

c) Images of the condition of your garment