Selling your luxury goods have never been easier! Refresh your wardrobe; consign your pre-loved treasures directly with Loop Vault and earn cash or credit towards your membership.

Put Your Treasures Back in the Loop

It's time for someone else to love the treasures in your wardrobe that you don't wear as much anymore! Loop Vault can find their next home for you. We serve as a consignment agency, specialising in reselling pre-loved luxury designer bags and accessories.


What we love to sell...

We accept all A-list and vintage designer luxury bags, wallets and accessories. Items will be collected from you, kept for a minimum period of 6 months and listed for sale on our website.

What we can't sell...

Unfortunately we can't accept any items with major stains, faults, visible signs of wear and tear or odour. We are strongly against fakes and will not accept items that cannot be deemed authentic. If a collected item is found to be non-authentic, the seller will be charged a $100 fee.


Loop Vault's flat commission is 35% on all items if cash payout is selected and 25% if store credit payout is selected. That means 65% or 75% of the agreed sale price will be credited to your preferred payout method after the successful sale.

  • Submit Your Bag

    Verify that your bag matches our acceptance guidelines and fill up our submission form.

  • We Accept It

    We'll assess your application and contact you within 4 working days if your item is accepted into our consignment program.

  • We Collect Your Bag

    We'll organise a courier to pick up the bag from you. Once with us, your bag will be evaluated and assessed for authenticity and quality.

  • We Sell Your Bag

    We'll photograph, care for and list your bag for sale on our website. Decide if you prefer to receive cash or store credit.

  • Enjoy!

    Once sold, your selected payment method will be credited. Thanks for joining the Loop, now go indulge in newness again and again!

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